Had a dream/episode about Hellbenders.

Zach had blood in his urine. He tells Chris about it so basically they come to the conclusion that he’s actually a female on his period. Evertime Zach would question this theory, Chris comes up with a slightly logical response (Insert parts of the dream I can’t remember here). Eventually, Zach starts to believe it himself. He comes to terms with being a woman as long as he can be a lesbian. After they embrace and they except his new gender, Zach screams in pain and complains about how it feels like his “lady parts” are being torn apart. Chris realizes he must be in labor and calls Zach “a stank ho” while rushing him to a hospital.

The emergency room techs rush frantically to get Zach to the labor room and trip, letting Zach’s kart fly down the hallway. It takes out numerous people and also pulls the plug on someone. Zach bursts into a room where a doctor is teaching students how to deliver. As the doctor turns around and lifts the sheets, everyone stares. Chris runs into the room and helps Zach deliver since everone else is either passed out or vomiting. With one last push a pellet storm of kidney stones fly out of Zach and sends the students flying out of the unexpectedly tall building.

As Zach goes to blame Chris for putting him through all that trouble, Chris points to a lone pebble that landed in a blanket. Chris brings Zach the Kidney stone as Zach sheds a single tear. He kisses the kidney stone as the doctor vomits in the distance.


I wouldn’t mind making a comic of it, but I feel like I couldn’t capture their humor. So I’ll leave you with a moment stuck in my head of Chris showing Zach that girls tuck their clothes into every crevasse cuz ye dont get luuuuurvz without cuuuuurvz.