1. a couple more doodles to post before bed!

  2. shnikkles:

forosha is a dandy in space!



    forosha is a dandy in space!


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  3. Kirby(s)!

  4. causeimdanjones:

Isn’t nature beautiful

dan did a thing


    Isn’t nature beautiful

    dan did a thing

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  5. more doodles

  6. what


  7. Doodles done in Open Canvas until I get Manga Studio working on my Surface!

  8. jokes

  9. I’m actually in the Air Force. Work the front desk of a clinic.

  10. haha thanks! And yeah, it feels like both. Especially when you get the keyboard with it (which I highly recommend if you’re getting it for school)

  11. So far I haven’t really seen anything specifying that you can change what it does. But here’s a link to what Microsoft has specified of it. 

  12. Um… I can’t really think of anything I’ve done in a collective group that was fadish. I guess the only thing I could really say is doing that 90’s thing where you tie your sweatshirt/hoodie to your hips? But I dunno, heck I still do it haha.

  13. Study from real life! Sometimes it helps to watch a body in motion or just people watching in general. The Olympics is a GREAT way to take a look at how even real life anatomy can looked jacked up haha.

    Breaking down those bodies into generic/simplistic shapes makes everything a lot easier to remember too. Don’t be afraid to trace over something to understand how it works, but always credit references if you ever do post anything! Worst case scenario is the person will tell you to take down the post, but you could still keep it as reference.

  14. It really depends on what I’m drawing.sometimes I get frustrated that digital stuff isn’t turning out how I like, so then I switch. As far as bands, I’m really not sure. I mostly listen to rock stuff, but it just depends on my mood. I usually can listen to a wide variety of stuff with the exception of country. Regarding artists i listen to while working, I like listening to a lot of game remixes, but no set artist is my go-to.

  15. Visit family since I don’t get to see them very much. Usually only once or twice a year.



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